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- Real time statistics with visual feedback

-In-depth reporting module for hitters AND pitchers

- Video analysis, frame by frame playback

- Remote access to statistics via HITTRAX STATS CENTER membership service

- Player rankings (Local and National)

-Adaptable to all skill levels from 8u to professional

- Gaming module and Home Run Derby contests

- You pick your MLB stadium to compete in


- Baseball and Softball

- Operates off of a live pitch, a pitching machine, batting tee, or soft toss

- Reports ball exit speed, distances, spray charts, averages

- Reports pitch velocity, location, % strikes

- Launch angle and elevation

- Accuracty to +/- 1 MPH

Come experience HitTrax through a variety of ways. We offer HitTrax clinics, tournaments, leagues, and birthday parties.  

HitTrax gives players of all ages and abilities a chance to work on their hitting skills and compete against their friends in a fun and safe environment.  

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